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Promoting Peace, Positivity, And PErsonal Growth.

"Calamity and Joy are a great band to work with. Their creativity is a welcome site when it comes to ideas for stickers and logos. They are quick to communicate and never late for payments."

- Wyatt Martin 

 702 Graphics

"Angel and Robert are two talented, energetic songwriters who enjoy recording all type of music styles. I really enjoy working with them in the studio. The creativeness that comes out of them is amazing, and they are constantly writing new material." - Bob Slider

Owner/Engineer of Tripod Recordings LLC




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  • Born and raised in the desert heat, Calamity and Joy was created in October 2019.

    • What about them?​

  1. After long hours in the sun cutting wood, nailing together cabinets, and creating the light and sound show any local artist could dream of, they hosted their first show in January 2021 maxing out the heads allowed in the venue.

  2. Starting with their first single "I Need to Stop" in early January 2020, they have come out with 4 singles, 1 EP, and their very first album Sinners Letting Go.

  3. Not only did C&J spread their motivational stories of hardship and overcoming internal battles, they built a positive atmosphere for other local artists to be able to express themselves in a safe and comfortable musical environment. Calamity and Joy are striving to build a local scene that promotes healthy competition while creating family style bonds with other Vegas artists.

  • Short Term Goal: Calamity and Joy are booking shows 2-3 times a month to build a fanbase

  • Mid Term Goal: C&J want to share their experiences through music by touring the U. S. hoping to get signed to a record label. They want to make music their lifestyle.

  • Long Term Goal: Calamity and Joy hope that one day they will be in the Rock Hall of Fame like their idols Queen, Journey, and Green Day. If they weren't shooting for the stars, who would? Constant motivation and the understanding of learning from their failures built the foundation of C&J.

  • Joy Facebook
  • Calamity iTunes
  • Calamity Spotify
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